Losing giants of the faith

I grew up Pentecostal. When I was just starting into ministry I was introduced to the work of Edith Blumhofer and enjoyed her work on Assemblies of God history.

Years later I was able to meet Vinson Synan a couple of times. He was another great historian and was a bridge from eyewitnesses of the Azusa Street Revival to the current time.

Both of these great voices of Pentecostal history have passed away recently. I am thankful their work lives on.

The Witness of History

I had the pleasure of sitting with Vinson Synan at breakfast in March at Society for Pentecostal Studies. He is an incredible man and wonderful conversationalist. This interview has a few of his reflections regarding the witness of Pentecost he has personally seen in the past several decades.

One comment stands out for me as a Pentecostal pastor. The questions was asked, “What do you see as the greatest challenge for Pentecostals in the next decade?”

His response:

To keep the Pentecostal fire burning. All of its big revivals have cooled off after a generation or so. Pentecostalism is into its second century, but it’s still vigorous because it tends to renew itself every 30 or 40 years. If [its leaders] keep the excitement and the fire going intellectually and culturally, the [movement will] continue to grow.

May we continue to be renewed by the power of the Spirit!