Thanks. I needed that.

Mark Batterson in his book The Grave Robber put it this way:

Sometimes we need someone to silly-slap us!
We need some tough love applied.
Probably 25 years or more ago I sat at breakfast with a man I wanted to learn from. I was new in ministry and a habit I was establishing at the time was trying to learn from experienced pastors and leaders. During key times when a speaker would be in my vicinity, I would try and arrange time with them. I would see if I could catch them for breakfast or lunch or coffee. Anything. I just wanted to spend time with them and ask them about leadership and ministry.
On this particular occasion I had the opportunity to have breakfast with a man who I greatly admired. He had planted a church and was leading home missions at the time. I was planting a church and just wanted to glean more from him.
As breakfast progressed he began asking me questions. Hard questions. How much time was I spending in prayer? How much time was I spending in the Word? How much time was I spending in the community? What community contacts did I have? Who were my friends in the community? What organizations did I belong to where I had contact with people outside the Christian faith?
It wasn’t long before I was just dumbfounded. And crying. Literally. Right into my eggs. Worst breakfast ever.
Then, he gently spoke healing into my life. He needed to let me know that sometimes we have to see what is broken and admit it. Too often we ignore what’s broken and we end up with further injury. Acknowledge the broken and get help. THEN something special can happen.
I really got silly-slapped that day.
Best. Lesson. Ever.