Race and Reconciliation

I posted some initial thoughts on Pentecost and race here. Then I saw this video with Piper, Keller, and Anthony Bradley discussing race and reconciliation. Piper is okay on this stuff, but Keller really jolted me into paying attention with corporate racism thoughts. He gave a “white guy’s” perspective, and I could understand more clearlyContinue reading “Race and Reconciliation”

Video Preaching

Being a part of a movement that is now hawking multi-site churches, I am treading in very dangerous waters. I offer these words from Tim Keller’s blog as he interacts with another great preacher of a past era: Dr. Lloyd-Jones effectively dismantles the idea that watching a video or listening to an audio of aContinue reading “Video Preaching”

The Elder Brother

We are going through Tim Keller’s excellent book The Prodigal God in our Wednesday night adult group at church. Keller is incredibly challenging. I love his style. Our views on the parable of the prodigal tend to focus on the younger son. Who can’t get into that? We write songs about it. (“When God Ran.”Continue reading “The Elder Brother”

Two Great Pastoral Models

There are more and I want to develop that thought, but two great models of pastoral ministry influencing my thinking right now: Tim Keller (below left) and Eugene Peterson (below right). I am starting to learn more about Keller. Peterson I have admired for so long and LOVE his books. Keller is becoming a modelContinue reading “Two Great Pastoral Models”