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2017.03.19 – Thirst Satisfied featuring Pastor Brenna Zeimet

“2017.03.19 – Thirst Satisfied featuring Pastor Brenna Zeimet”

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I need to know thirst

A teacher of the Word I highly admired shared a story from early in his ministry. He was leading a student group while finishing up his post-grad studies. God had brought favor on his ministry and good things were happening. He had a radical dependence on the Spirit through all the work.

One night late he was feeling the pressure of the grad work and leading the ministry. He felt the burden and thought, “I just can’t take this. Where is God?”

In that moment he testified that the presence of God seemed to lift up off him and his shoulder felt an unimaginable weight come down. He knew what was going on. The Lord was lifting up his presence so he could see just what kind of “burden” he was carrying. He realized it was the Lord who was holding off so much more pressure.

The leader quickly prayed, “Lord, forgive me! This is your work!”

I have so deeply admired over the years great leaders who have led the way in showing their thirst for God… their dependency on God.

How I need to thirst! I need a thirst like none other for the presence of God. There is a stirring happening in my heart and I need to cry out, “Lord! Don’t let it stop now!”

You, God, are my God,
    earnestly I seek you;
I thirst for you,
    my whole being longs for you,
in a dry and parched land
    where there is no water. (Ps. 63:1)

May our hearts cry out!

God Waits to be Wanted

15 Moses replied, “If you won’t go yourself, don’t make us leave here. 16 Because how will anyone know that we have your special approval, both I and your people, unless you go with us? Only that distinguishes us, me and your people, from every other people on the earth.”

17 The Lord said to Moses, “I’ll do exactly what you’ve asked because you have my special approval, and I know you by name.”

18 Moses said, “Please show me your glorious presence.” (Ex. 33:15-18, CEB)

A.W. Tozer:

Complacency is a deadly foe of all spiritual growth. Acute desire must be present or there will be no manifestation of Christ to His people. He waits to be wanted.  (The Pursuit of God)

Something needs to cry out in us that Jesus is worth pursuing! There is a thirst that needs to rise up in us. Moses had that thirst. He was not going to move in any direction until God promised his presence. He then boldly moves into another level of seeking. He blurts out, “Show me your glory!”

This isn’t about “earning” anything. It is about desire. Moses desired. God didn’t berate him and say, “Hey! You have enough already!”

God showed Moses all he could. Moses asked.

God waits to be wanted.

Thirst For God

Just like a deer that craves streams of water,
my whole being craves you, God.
2 My whole being thirsts for God, for the living God.
When will I come and see God’s face?
(Psalm 42:1-2, CEB)

A.W. Tozer’s great book, The Pursuit of God, was one of the first Christian classics I was introduced to in college. The past few weeks I have been on a quest. I want my tastes changed for the Kingdom of God. I want to THIRST again.

The whole transaction of religious conversion has been made mechanical and spiritless. Faith may now be exercised without a jar to the moral life and without embarrassment to the Adamic ego. Christ may be ‘received’ without creating any special love for Him in the soul of the receiver. A man is ‘saved,’ but he is not hungry nor thirsty after God. In fact, he is specifically taught to be satisfied and is encouraged to be content with little.

I can understand being content with “little” in this world. This world just can’t satisfy. But to be content with “little” from God is just crazy. Yet, that has been my life. I need a new thirst.