We settle for so little

I am working my way through The Great Divorce by C S Lewis. I’ve finished McGrath’s biography of Lewis, so reading Lewis more in historical context is slightly more helpful. I’m just not a great reader of “literature.” I love reading about Lewis, but reading Lewis is just plain slogging at times.

The stories bring to life great truth. In one scene the main character witnesses two illustrations of “holding on.” One was a mother’s love for her son. The other was a man who held on to a lizard. He knew he needed to be rid of the lizard, but he didn’t want the thing killed. The mother was angry for losing her son too soon.

They both illustrated how little we know in this life of true love or of true possession. The mother, it turned out, loved her son too little. The man with the lizard finally allowed it to be killed and both he and the lizard were transformed into something more powerful and beautiful.

We have such limited perspective… but we need not be that way. 

A song is sung in this particular scene that demonstrates a prayer we need in our lives:

The Master says to our master, Come up, Share my rest and splendour till all natures that were your enemies become slaves to dance before you and backs for you to ride, and firmness for your feet to rest on…

Overcome us that, so overcome, we may be ourselves: we desire the beginning of your reign as we desire dawn and dew, wetness at the birth of light.

When we don’t allow the Kingdom to truly come in our lives, we hold on to things we think are “precious” and they can often be our ruin. Give us Kingdom perspective, Lord!