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2016.05.08 – Fruit of the Spirit featuring Pastor Brenna Zeimet

2016.05.08 – Fruit of the Spirit featuring Pastor Brenna Zeimet

A sermon from Heights Church. More information at HeightsChurchMN.org

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“Jesus is Lord” is a confession… and call to ACTION

Christianity touches ALL of a person. We are to understand the need for transformation in thinking, feeling, and doing. It’s not a matter of simply changing behavior. It is a matter of changing DNA so that the fruit is different. We don’t produce the fruit of the Spirit by behavior modification. The fruit of the Spirit flows from the Spirit’s work in us.

This is the law of sowing and reaping. It’s not about “money.” It’s about character. What are sowing INTO our lives? That will show up in the fruit of our character.

“Only the spiritually whole person produces abundant spiritual fruit.” — James C. Wilhoit, Spiritual Formation as if the Church Mattered


Paul talked about the fruit of the Spirit in Galatians. In Philippians 1 he is discussing being with Christ or staying in his body to be with them. He notes that being with them is fruitful labor. He lived his life with meaning. It’s a powerful statement.

A comment I read from George Wood in his book, Living in the Spirit, said, “Fruit is meant to be tasted.”

My life yielded to Christ is incredibly meaningful. May people truly taste and see that the Lord is good from my life.