The battle for the promises

Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for he who promised is faithful. — Heb. 10:23

We can forget what we have in Christ. We can be distracted from the promises. We can be attacked by the enemy, who wants us to fail in the promises given. The call is to PERSEVERE. “Getting” a promise isn’t the same as gaining a promise. Gaining a promise isn’t the same as holding on to victory. The enemy still wants to steal.

Every day, be reminded of his great and precious promises. Every day, give thanks. Every day, lay out those claims of God and be refreshed in HIS provision. The enemy wants you to forget. Be reminded of the great and precious promises… and GRIP THEM with tenacity! The enemy wants to steal. Jesus wants to pour out his abundance.

Stay reminded every day of the gifts and promises given to you!

Satan fears prayer

The most intense battle is often the battle to GET to prayer. Once we are in prayer we don’t have much trouble.

When I was at the prayer retreat this week, I had no trouble praying, quite honestly. When I go away for a silent retreat, I honestly don’t have much of a struggle.

It’s getting to the place of prayer. We need to understand the schemes of the enemy. He knows the danger of prayer. He creates the distractions. He keeps us busy. When we find the place of prayer, we find that God really is speaking.

Battle FOR the place of prayer. When you get there, you find God.