Christianity — Rescued “from” and born “into?”

“The Christian story is not primarily about how God in Jesus came to rescue sinners from some impending disaster. It is about God’s work of initiating us into a fellowship and making us true conversational partners with the Father and the Son through the Spirit and, hence, with each other (1 John 1:1-4). Attaining heaven and avoiding hell represent just one aspect of the koinonia of God’s extended family.” — Simon Chan, Spiritual Theology. 

On the stronghold of busyness

“… busyness may sometimes be an excuse for laziness. As Eugene Peterson observes, busy people are too lazy to take control of things, so they fit themselves into other people’s demands. Activities can be an excuse for spiritual inertia or acedia, an unwillingness to accept God as God, that is, his absolute claims on our lives. It is easier to be physically active in order to be spiritually indolent. A fast-paced life may also hide a pernicious boredom.” — Simon Chan, Spiritual Theology.