A Pro-Life Ethic and Avoiding Bumper Sticker Theology

Over the past few months I have worked at what I am calling a true “pro-life” ethic. This is an ethic I believe can be sustained as a Christian. It is also an ethic that I believe cannot be labeled “liberal” or “conservative,” “Democrat” or “Republican.” In the wake of the school shootings in Connecticut,Continue reading “A Pro-Life Ethic and Avoiding Bumper Sticker Theology”

It Doesn’t Have to Be This Way

The horror of Newtown, CT needs to stay with us. It was a day when even the President couldn’t get through his remarks because of the pain. This horror needs to stay with us because we need to have this conversationĀ no one is willing to have. We are ready to blame others. For those onContinue reading “It Doesn’t Have to Be This Way”