There is a good side to fear and shame?

Why yes, yes there is.

As an adjunct professor dealing with students who blow by assignments without getting them in and expecting me to take them anyway… or to say they loaded them up on the class site… and a week later “notice” it didn’t load up… YES there is a “good” side to fear and shame.

We have coddled students all the way through school, not giving them any consequences for being late. Years ago one of my son’s middle school teachers was flunking my son so I asked him what was up. The teacher explained that he had come from the business world and if you were “late” on a bid it meant you didn’t get the bid. No bid, no money. So he didn’t accept late assignments from his students.

I saluted the teacher.

He was gone a few months later. The reason? He was “intolerant” of students and their needs.

I need that guy back. I want MORE of those guys in the middle school instilling some decent fear in students so when they get to college they have a sense of responsibility.

It’s asking too much.

But, basically, all students need a little more fear in their lives. More paranoia. Always checking to make sure things got turned in. Always checking to make sure there is something to do…

It’s asking a lot, I know… but a guy can hope.

End of rant. Good night.