We keep striving for greatness and power while Jesus constantly calls us to service

I am not a fan of the phrase “servant leaders.” I think it’s a cop out phrase in large part. Just serve. If people notice and follow in that path, then you’ve led in some way. Just not the way that people who throw out the phrase “servant leader” meant to say “lead.”

Your “humble servant”

“Humility is the virtue of which I am most proud.” I hate it when my humble service goes unnoticed. (Really hurts my reputation as a “servant leader.”) There are true tests the Lord brings into our lives, in all seriousness. What we are not currently interested in (and me among that number) is the workContinue reading “Your “humble servant””

Gut Level Obedience

I find myself desiring too many other things. Success. Significance. Someone just noticing something I’ve done. But that is not my call. Obedience and duty are my call. 7 “Would any of you say to your servant, who had just come in from the field after plowing or tending sheep, ‘Come! Sit down for dinner’? 8  Wouldn’t youContinue reading “Gut Level Obedience”

Did You Hear the One About the Awful Waiter?

If we’re going to beat up on how awful Christians are for bad tipping, which is why half of America is not Christian, by the way, is there not a case to be for awful service? Let me tell you about a couple of THOSE incidents…. Just kidding. You know why? Because I’ve never hadContinue reading “Did You Hear the One About the Awful Waiter?”