Hard Heart, Soft Life

One of the things about any missions trip is it reveals a couple of things quickly: the condition of the heart and body.

I may spend my life pastoring an inner ring suburb, where there are challenges of new ethnic groups, older groups not wanting change, poverty, transition, etc., that doesn’t mean I am used to ANY situation around me.

In times of going on a mission I find that my life is just too soft. I LOVE my life, but I am always challenged that I too comfortable in many ways.

I also realize that I don’t want my heart hard to the realities of life. A missions trip, even to a city in America, keeps my heart pliable. I don’t want my spiritual ears deafened to the needs of the world, even the world right in my own country.


Off to San Francisco — Worlds Far Apart

As a pastor, I am about to experience two very different worlds in a matter of hours.

The first world was a dream for me. I performed a wedding for a couple in the Minnesota Twins ballpark, Target Field. I am a huge baseball fan, so being able to walk on the field, sit in the dugout, etc., was a lot of fun. The reception in one of the fabulous guest services reception areas was amazing. When we exited the facility we were taken through a club level where only original season ticket owners to the new field had passes. There were places I got to go I certainly won’t get to see any other time I go to the game. It was a fun day.

The second world will come less than 48 hours later. I will be in San Francisco with our team of pastors serving in the Tenderloin District. San Francisco itself is, of course, a world class city, but the Tenderloin District is… well… NOT. We will be serving a mission there and help in any way they want to reach out to the cast-offs of our society.

We will be there all week, but I won’t be taking my computer, so blogging will be a minimum effort for the time there. I hope to have some thoughts on the trip when I get back.