So you don’t like Barth… How about Bloesch?

Seems to be a new backlash about NOT reading Barth. Brian LePort gives a good post linking the recent rantings. A few years ago Barth was back in, mainly, I think, because Christian Books was selling Dogmatics for $99. I snatched that up myself. I think I’ve made it all the way to the… thirdContinue reading “So you don’t like Barth… How about Bloesch?”

Why I am Sacramental, Part 2

I need an addition to my affinity for the sacramental life. Another deep appreciation I have for the sacramental life is the love for the Church. There is a solid connection to the Body of Christ. There is probably not one person in the Church that has not suffered some form of abuse in theContinue reading “Why I am Sacramental, Part 2”

Why I am Sacramental

Really, I’m probably not. I tossed between “Orthodox,” “Liturgical,” “Mainline,” or something else. What I appreciate so deeply in my life is the addition of the meaning of the Lord’s Table. I have a deeper love for liturgy. Public prayers. Reading of Scripture. I have a deeper appreciation for the love of the Church. IContinue reading “Why I am Sacramental”