Rupert Murdoch — The New Evil Empire

The news came out that Thomas Nelson publishing was sold to Harper Collins which is owned by *GASP*, Rupert Murdoch.

Now, if you don’t know who Rupert Murdoch is, then you know how I feel when someone mentions Kim Kardashian or Nicole Ritchie.

But Murdoch actually does something.

He owns media outlets, like the “evil” FoxNews. (Or the savior of the world FoxNews, depending on your political leanings.)

There are just some things in life one can count on, and sure enough, Joel Watts came through for me! It didn’t take three seconds before his rant began. I love this guy! (Hint: he is NOT a Murdoch fan.)

Christian publishing hasn’t really been “Christian” for a long time. I sure would’t claim that Harper Collins is the bastion of conservatism that Murdoch seems to be. Maybe Murdoch is doing this so he balances out his liberal and conservative leaning portfolios. You know… fair and balanced…