Living transformed lives

Today’s reading for MULTIPLY discipleship is Romans 12. This passage fits perfectly following a very powerful day at our church. We had a great missions service in the morning with a packed out house. It’s Missions Emphasis, so it’s always exciting to hear what God is doing in the toughest places of the world. WeContinue reading “Living transformed lives”


Through the fall I will be preaching through a series called “LIVE DEAD.”  Live Dead is a call to missions in our movement, but I also believe it is a call our church needs to hear as well. As we move through the fall, these are the texts we will reflect on and the datesContinue reading “LIVE DEAD SCRIPTURE”

Transformational Living — Romans 12

I am given grace for MY life. There is a measure of faith given TO ME. I cannot measure my life in Christ against someone else. I cannot live my life in Christ in front of the world as a marketing tool. Judging yourself with sober judgment is near impossible in a Facebook gazing, self-marketingContinue reading “Transformational Living — Romans 12”

Thoughts on Transformation and the Cross

If we are going to live transformed lives, If we are going to live lives as true believers in Jesus Christ, We must have the Kingdom agenda in mind. That Kingdom’s agenda will clash with our own worldview and our definitions of success. In that moment we find the Cross of Jesus Christ. That is whereContinue reading “Thoughts on Transformation and the Cross”