The Conversation of Depression

While we’re not having another needed conversation (this one about depression), let me just go ahead and bring it up again.


A fellow blogger, Jeff, is a strong believer and battles depression.

He puts some of his thoughts HERE.

Let’s not talk about other things while we’re at it. 😉

We truly need to see the rule and reign of Christ come into our lives as believers so we can know more thoroughly how to at least have honest conversations.


Mental Illness and the Conversation We Don’t Have

With the tragedy of Rick and Kay Warren losing their son, once again mental illness is front and center.

Over the weekend I also saw a video from a Colorado sheriff who was upset at Obama coming to Colorado pushing gun control because there are “deeper issues.” I could only assume he meant mental illness in that mix because the Newtown shooter obviously dealt with this deep problem.

So, here again, we have people saying, “We’re not having a conversation about the real issues,” and yet… we aren’t having conversations about the real issues.

I understand we do that when we want the conversation moved off of what we think is attacking us. In the sheriff’s case, it’s the conservative position of “the second amendment.” So… let’s NOT talk about gun control and just accuse the other side of not addressing “root issues.” However, the sheriff didn’t offer any solutions in that arena.

Now, the call comes to us as the church, when one of America’s most prominent pastors loses a son in this tragic way… and the question is still there: when will we have this conversation?

Could we PLEASE quit saying, “We’re not talking about _______,” and have some GUTS and start having some of these conversations?

Not online, necessarily, but maybe in conferences, symposiums, etc.

I know some articles may help get a conversation going, like THIS ONE.

We are a nation crying out in pain… and not having conversations… We just keep…. yelling…