The no flash, no glitz world we can’t stand

It’s serving. It is the discipline of service. We want to serve… as long as we get our selfie in and posted somewhere in the social media world. Richard Foster gives me this harsh reminder: There is no flash, no glitz, no titanic anything. Today’s celebrity culture, captive to its pretentious egoism, simply finds suchContinue reading “The no flash, no glitz world we can’t stand”

Free me from the tyranny of STUFF

I am in a reading group with Renovare online and we are currently working our way through a book on spiritual disciplines by Nathan Foster, son of Richard Foster. Nathan is much more raw in his struggle with spiritual discipline. What Richard Foster wrote on always sounded like a glide into tranquility. I knew itContinue reading “Free me from the tyranny of STUFF”

Getting past the “high” and moving into the routine of his presence

I am Pentecostal. We live for the experience. When I see things advertised on Facebook for some Pentecostal service, youth service, etc., the hype words are always there. EPIC! UBER EPIC! CUTTING EDGE! DON’T MISS THIS ONE! (or the next one… or the next one…) I am soaking in Richard Foster’s little book, Sanctuary ofContinue reading “Getting past the “high” and moving into the routine of his presence”

Richard Foster Reflects on Dallas Willard

I am sure I will soon stop posting on the passing of Dallas Willard, but indulge me these next few days. Richard Foster reflects on the friendship he had with Dallas in this piece. Here is how Dallas Willard described Kingdom life. Talk about making every word count! “The aim of God in history isContinue reading “Richard Foster Reflects on Dallas Willard”

God Speaks… and We Refuse to Listen

I received a new Richard Foster book in the mail (purchased through IVP). I am so glad this man is writing more! This new work, Sanctuary of the Soul, is about meditative prayer. In the early pages he reminds us of our refusal to listen to God. It’s not that we can’t hear. It’s more ofContinue reading “God Speaks… and We Refuse to Listen”