Why We Don’t Want Another Move of God

Call it revival, call it a “fresh outpouring,” call it a new move of God…  What we generally want these days is the benefits of that move without the costs of that move.  In the stories of Hezekiah and Josiah, the costs of a move of God aren’t just in prayer. If it was time in prayer, we would think aboutContinue reading “Why We Don’t Want Another Move of God”

A Prayer for Revival and Reform

14 Please come back, God of heavenly forces! Look down from heaven and perceive it! Attend to this vine, 15     this root that you planted with your strong hand, this son whom you secured as your very own. 16 It is burned with fire. It is chopped down. They die at the rebuke coming from you. 17 Let yourContinue reading “A Prayer for Revival and Reform”

The Freedom of the Kingdom

if you open your heart to the hungry, and provide abundantly for those who are afflicted, your light will shine in the darkness, and your gloom will be like the noon. (Isa. 58:10, CEB) When do we find freedom in our own lives? We all live broken lives in some way. Yet, in Christ, weContinue reading “The Freedom of the Kingdom”

Tired of the status quo

A quote I’ve carried with me for over a week: Prayer is rebellions against the status quo.  As I was reading through Isaiah today, and came to chapter 54, I noticed in my margins I had written, “No more status quo.” These were the verses: Sing, barren woman who has borne no child; break forth intoContinue reading “Tired of the status quo”

Designed for his presence

Arise! Shine! Your light has come; the Lord’s glory has shone upon you. (Isa. 60:1, CEB) We are called to be people of the presence. God’s design is for his glory to dwell among us. As the people of God, we are vessels of his glory. We are called to radiate his presence, his glory. LiveContinue reading “Designed for his presence”

If praying is all this work…

Why pray? Why not look at the fallow ground of our souls and think, “This is just pristine wild, untouched wilderness. Why should we disturb this?” Why “plow up” the fallow ground of our hearts in prayer? That phrase just sounds like… work. Ew. Tozer isn’t pleasant about this life of prayer, either! The plowed life isContinue reading “If praying is all this work…”

There is always the option of NOT praying

The beautiful thing about American Christianity is that it offers options. We can talk about revival all day long and come away thinking, “Wow. What an uplifting conversation.” The wonderful thing is we never really to do anything about it. Same thing with prayer. We can talk all day long. But in America, we have the option of actuallyContinue reading “There is always the option of NOT praying”

Not the time for weariness

Isaiah 43 — God pours out his promises to Israel. He calls them to new things. He calls them to deliverance. And Israel’s response? 22 But you didn’t call out to me, Jacob; you were tired of me, Israel. 23 You didn’t bring me lambs for your entirely burned offering; you didn’t honor me with your sacrifices.Continue reading “Not the time for weariness”

It is time for boldness

We need bold prayers again. We need to shake off the spiritual lethargy of our American Christianity and cry out for the reality of the Kingdom of God. We need the transformation Paul talks about in Romans 12:1-2. This week we need to have our lives laid before the Holy One in examination. As ElijahContinue reading “It is time for boldness”