I dream of a day when we quit ranking sins

It’s not about particular sins. It’s about SIN. It’s about our rebellion against God. It’s about our desire to be our own little gods.

But when we are in our own little rebellions, we feel better about pointing out someone else’s “worse” sin. I pray for the day, just in my own life, when I’m done to ranking sin.

9 So what are we saying? Are we better off? Not at all. We have already stated the charge: both Jews and Greeks are all under the power of sin. 10 As it is written,

There is no righteous person, not even one.
11 There is no one who understands.
There is no one who looks for God.
12 They all turned away.
They have become worthless together.
There is no one who shows kindness.
There is not even one.[a]
13 Their throat is a grave that has been opened.
They are deceitful with their tongues,
and the poison of vipers is under their lips.[b]
14     Their mouths are full of cursing and bitterness.[c]
15 Their feet are quick to shed blood;

18 There is no fear of God in their view of the world.[e] (Rom. 3:9-18)