The “Radical” We Avoid

In the Sermon on the Mount, there are a couple of places (at least) where we find great hesitation, at least for us as readers. Matt. 5:17-20, where Jesus tells his hearers their righteousness needs to surpass that of the Pharisees. Then, Matt. 5:48 where the demand is “to be perfect.” This is the callContinue reading “The “Radical” We Avoid”

We get torn apart by our terminology

Richard Stearns, head of World Vision, wrote a response on a perceived attack on the term “radical Christians.” This was in response to a Christianity Today piece on the “new radicals.” Stearns’s response is basic: “Yep, we’re radical, and we’re not radical enough!” It’s gone back and forth in a way that reminds me of the daysContinue reading “We get torn apart by our terminology”

The Bland Gospel

For some reason there needs to be an attack “radical” Christianity. We want to be radically normal. God bless us all. Whether we are headed to the most unreached people group of the world, or out the door to coach our kids’ baseball team, I think I really want to ask, “How do we seeContinue reading “The Bland Gospel”