The world is once again blowing up.

Russia being Russia. Putin being Putin. It is comical to see news clips from Russian TV about the Malaysian Air disaster. Those who remember the old Soviet Union will chuckle and think, “Pravda” lives!

The Middle East is blowing up… again. All the old pre-trib guys are warming up the presses to bring out the 14th editions of their “end times” books they wrote in … 1970.

Russians and Ukrainians.

Jews and Palestinians.

But what gets passed over… shocking! … is the news of Christians getting butchered, chased out of town, taxed heavily, and having ancient landmarks destroyed. But… who cares. It’s Christians. It’s their turn. Right?

I am not waiting for this U.S. government to step up to call out ISIS. Not when it’s attacks on Christians. But I honestly don’t have that expectation at any time. None of us should.

But I remember Mosul when I think of how angry I could be at other things happening in my own tiny world. It keeps me balanced. Sober. And desiring to be more prepared in my own walk.

And I pray. I pray for those in Iraq. In Gaza. In Sudan. In Nigeria.

Places we won’t hear about on the evening news. Or from politicians. But places we need to be aware of as the Body of Christ… and seeking God’s comfort and strength in the lives of these brothers and sisters.

Lord, hear our prayer.