Heartbreaking Headlines

Just perusing headlines on a news site reveals the incredible polarization of our world and wealth.

One headline said this: “Couple in China ‘sell’ their daughter for an iPhone.”

A couple of headlines down was this: “HSBC unit ordered to pay about $2.46B in lawsuit.”

The vast differences between “worlds” pricks my heart and causes me to pray a bit more when I think of the incredible discrepancies in our world. We have so much ability to tackle so many tremendous issues… but so little desire. 


Feed My Starving Children

Our church youth and adults participated in something incredible last night. Feed My Starving Children is an organization that packages food to send to the neediest places on earth. They get the food to organizations on the ground and let those organizations distribute meals to kids who get no other chance to eat something nutritious.

In the Twin Cities, this is a huge organization that gets hundreds of volunteers every day to come in and package the food. Last night, 25 of our church combined with several other groups to make a 1.5 hour shift of 114 volunteers. Each bag of food we prepped would provide 6 meals on average. Our shift packed 115 boxes. Each box contained 36 bags. If that were rationed out in the way Feed My Starving Children would prescribe, we fed 67 kids for a year with 1.5 hours of work.

Everyone who was involved last night was deeply touched by the need of the world. The statistics are overwhelming. The developed world produces enough food every year to properly feed the world. Every man, woman, and child on the planet could have enough food to take in enough energy to survive for a day. But in a world that produces that much food and has that much capability, hunger is on the rise, not decline.

We were part of something incredible that touches the heart last night. It was an amazing privilege.