The Perspective of Time

I have a spiritual father. He has been my mentor for my entire ministry. While I have several mentors, he is the one I have called out as my spiritual father, so we meet from time to time and talk about life and ministry.

He is not my age. He has more years in ministry and marriage and parenting and life and that’s what I need. I don’t come to him with my opinions and try to talk over him. I let him talk. I let him ask the questions. I let him guide the conversation. Even if I think the conversation has nothing to do with what I’m going through, I let him guide the way because I want him to be my authority.

What I learn from great men like him is that the perspective of time is absolutely amazing. The things that bothered him in his 30s and 40s don’t even phase him now. He knows the bigger picture. He can’t stop sin. He can’t stop people from sinning. He can build a bridge and offer it to people. He can’t drag them across.

I’ve learned that from my own father as well. And I consider him a great man, too.

Perspective of time has taught him so much. Too many times I think the things I would try and keep from him are only to try and “protect” him. I have learned that is foolish. My dad has learned to walk in grace and in the strength of the Lord, and he has gone through enough things in life that he can handle anything I think may “harm” him. It’s the perspective of time, and walking with God.

Over time, what is left for these great men in my life is this: a greater love for God and a greater love for family than ever before. Issues come and go. Theological fights and social issue fights come and go. Christ remains. Family remains. And that is precious.

It is the perspective of time.