Overcoming obstacles in discipleship

Two key questions that come up for me when I am trying to walk in a discipline: 1. What keeps me FROM this? 2. What drives me TO this? The first question is ready because it brings guilt. “I know I’m supposed to study the Word, but…” We can come up with reasons: “I can’t getContinue reading “Overcoming obstacles in discipleship”

Full Blown, Driving Passion

I am meditating on passion. Dreaming dreams. Asking God for the impossible. The questions I am asking are these: — Where is the place where I find the heart of God? — What motivates me in life? What truly stirs my heart and I find myself sensing the true pleasure of God in it? —Continue reading “Full Blown, Driving Passion”

Does It Get Old?

I love sports, and I LOVE the Kansas Jayhawks in basketball. On my bucket list is going to a game at Allen Fieldhouse once before I die. Just once. I was in there one time years ago. Roy Williams was in his first season. They had won the national championship the year before. A friendContinue reading “Does It Get Old?”