The both/and of belief

My reading the end of this year in the daily office reflects on Revelation and Isaiah beautifully. I am drawn to heart-searching conclusions every time. The gospel in Scripture is far more concerned with my ACTIONS than my beliefs. If the Kingdom of God is truly working in me, this is how I ACT. Generally,Continue reading “The both/and of belief”

Being a Confessional Pentecostal… or is it a Confessing Pentecostal?

It shows how much I don’t know… and I readily admit it. But there is something that is becoming evident to me: I want to be more confessional in my Pentecostal roots and beliefs. I want to be more “credal.” Is that a word? I just got a spell-check squiggly… (This isn’t going to beContinue reading “Being a Confessional Pentecostal… or is it a Confessing Pentecostal?”