May 2014 be a year of speaking and ACTING in power

In Luke 7 there is the story of Jesus raising up the son of the widow in Nain.

The story here is not that Jesus had compassion because a woman lost her son… alone. It was not just a matter of a touching scene.

It was a matter of justice as well.

The widow would have nothing. She was without any source of care. There wasn’t Social Security. No life insurance. A woman didn’t have the opportunities to start up a business like she would today.

This woman was in trouble.

And Jesus acted.

May 2014 find me actually seeing people in their situations. Then, may 2014 find me speaking into those situations… and acting in justice far more than makes me comfortable.



New Year’s resolutions are tough. Yet, there are some spiritual exercises I want to increase in my life.

1. Increase in prayer.

We will open the new year with a week of prayer. We will have a silent retreat in February. The Lord is challenging me in fasting and prayer. I need to call out on God in a more intense way this next year.

2. Preaching and study.

It’s tough, but I am going to try to stick to one translation. The HCSB hasn’t been a favorite. Despite not liking how they handle the gender issue, I am going to give it a go and see if I can use it on a regular basis. At church, I will be preaching through Thessalonians, and then possibly the Gospel of John. I long for a return to expository preaching and keeping at that discipline for a time.

There are so many more areas, but I want to be RESOLVED in my walk with the Lord. This past semester as I have taught Ephesians, I have had a deeper desire to grab hold of the vast riches of the Kingdom of God. It takes intentionality! Be resolved!