My 54th Year

The beginning of the year. The beginning of a new year for me. I open up my Bible to read Genesis 1 and I come past the title page. On that title page I wrote a quote from Dietrich Bonhoeffer and it serves for my life goal in this year of 2020:

“Their hearts are fully absorbed in seeing God.”

This, I pray, would be the sum of my life. It’s not perfectly. There are times it’s not done well at all. But overall, I pray my life would be found to have a heart that is fully absorbed in seeing God.

Happy New Year.

Change. Immediate. Now.

David Brooks ends the year in his columns with what he calls the “Sidney Awards.” He goes over long form essays and picks significant reads that stood out to him. This particular column stopped me cold from the start. It is a need I’ve felt for quite some time and realize I need to implement.  Continue reading “Change. Immediate. Now.”

Deeper in the Word in 2014

As we aim toward a New Year, we always have that daunting task of “resolutions.”

One of the great goals we should always have in mind is how we can deepen our walk with God. For me, the question is always centered around prayer and the Scriptures. How can I best center my life in those two areas? Those two areas will always be the engines that lift me into every other area of life.

Bible Gateway offers a lot of helps for getting into the Word. I have mentioned their Advent devotional before. They also have some devotionals for the New Year.

The best use of Bible Gateway for me is the access they give me to every major English translation. I can look at them individually, or put up several translations in parallel windows to compare.

Avail yourself of good tools to dig deeper into the Word this New Year!


Wake up from the turkey coma

Tomorrow in church, we begin a NEW YEAR!

I serve an Assemblies of God church, so most reading this will probably go… “What? HUH? What?!?”

But it’s a new year! We will be in the first Sunday of Advent, which is on the Church calendar. It’s the rhythm of the Kingdom, not this world.

And… please be warned… God is challenging us with something RIDICULOUS in this new year!

So… shake off the turkey coma and get there!