For the first time in 1600 years it is possible that there was no Christian worship in Mosul, Iraq this past Sunday.

The Christian population in Syria has plummeted from about 6% of the population to possibly less than 1,000 believers.

We must be reminded of the words of Christ:

I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world. (John 16:33)

A Christian home “marked” in Mosul, Iraq.

Pope Expels All Muslims from Rome

The Pope has declared that all Muslims living in Rome must:

1. Convert to Christianity
2. Remain a Muslim, but pay an extra tax to remain in their homes and go to their mosque, or
3. Be killed if they refuse to comply with the first two rules.

Think of the headline. Think of your first reaction.

Think of those who simply hate the Catholic Church because of the scandals and abuses… and how outraged they would be.

Think of what the AMERICAN GOVERNMENT would do if such an edict was made. Any government, really.

Now understand this is PRECISELY what happened in Mosul. Only it was ISIS, a group that is determined to bring back in Sharia Law and establish a new Caliphate, that was saying this to Christians. All Christians had to leave or be taxed. Then, ISIS decided they just need to leave or be killed.

The MOSQUE (not church) that was near the traditional site of the prophet Jonah’s tomb was blown up. They did not want any memory of Jonah.

Again, as I stated before, I don’t expect anything from any government in the form of outrage. I don’t expect any action.

But we need to understand what is going on to Christians in the Middle East and know that sometimes we need to be shocked into awareness.

I am not asking people to hate Muslims. And for those who are simply outraged to say, “Why don’t Muslims say anything about this?” the answer is, quite simply: THEY DO. I have great Muslim friends and leaders in the Twin Cities who are outraged. They are heartbroken. A Muslim professor in Iraq defended the Christians’ right to exist in Mosul and was assassinated by ISIS.

Know me long enough and understand I am NOT outraged against Muslims. And I will not tolerate those who make blanket statements against all Muslims.

But I do not wish to stay silent. In some way I want to raise the awareness of TRUE persecution that is happening to Christians in this world. In some way it is my desire that ALL Christians come together to pray for our brothers and sisters who are in REAL trouble in other parts of the world. We can go back to our in-fighting some other day! Let us pray this day to the Lord.

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An ancient city CLEANSED of Christians

This news is chilling.

This is the choice believers in Mosul faced:

The Iraqi city of Mosul that was quickly taken by ISIS terrorists is now free of Christians for the first time in history, after they were given a warning to either convert, pay the al-Jizya tax that non-Muslims pay to live under their rule, or “face the sword.”

The rest of the post asks the ludicrous: “Where are the responses from…” I say ludicrous because all that is at this point is rhetoric. It’s simply fueling a fire.

We know there won’t be responses. To which I simply ask, “SO WHAT?”

It is not up to any government, and certainly I’m not holding my breath for any other organization. It’s simply a fact.

If the world hates you, be aware that it hated me before it hated you. (John 15:18)

This is how it is. So, we lift up our brothers and sisters in this time of crisis. We pray. We help our brothers and sisters. In Mosul. In Gaza. In Nigeria. We pray.


Our Silence is Deafening

It is amazing how much the news is consumed with conflicts in the Middle East when it comes to Jews/Muslims or even Muslims/Muslims, but when it comes to Christians…

The tragedy of Mosul is finally getting some coverage. More and more Christians are showing some solidarity (finally) by showing the Arabic sign for “Nazarene” on their profile pics.

It’s honestly not a matter of trying to make the media more aware or any government more aware. The question really is: “Why is the CHURCH silent?”

We are so much more up in arms about Hobby Lobby and millionaire rednecks than we are concerned about whole Christian groups being wiped out in the Middle East.

We fight our “left wing” and “right wing” fights over where we’re going to eat a chicken sandwich, but we can’t somehow post prayers for our brothers and sisters in Iraq?

Shame on me. Just. Shame. On. Me.

Do with it what YOU want… but my heart is really starting to break. They cry out for justice… for prayer… and we’re silent because we’re too busy fighting each other over here about whatever the political hot button of the moment happens to be.

Please. Let us pray! WITH each other… for once…

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The world is once again blowing up.

Russia being Russia. Putin being Putin. It is comical to see news clips from Russian TV about the Malaysian Air disaster. Those who remember the old Soviet Union will chuckle and think, “Pravda” lives!

The Middle East is blowing up… again. All the old pre-trib guys are warming up the presses to bring out the 14th editions of their “end times” books they wrote in … 1970.

Russians and Ukrainians.

Jews and Palestinians.

But what gets passed over… shocking! … is the news of Christians getting butchered, chased out of town, taxed heavily, and having ancient landmarks destroyed. But… who cares. It’s Christians. It’s their turn. Right?

I am not waiting for this U.S. government to step up to call out ISIS. Not when it’s attacks on Christians. But I honestly don’t have that expectation at any time. None of us should.

But I remember Mosul when I think of how angry I could be at other things happening in my own tiny world. It keeps me balanced. Sober. And desiring to be more prepared in my own walk.

And I pray. I pray for those in Iraq. In Gaza. In Sudan. In Nigeria.

Places we won’t hear about on the evening news. Or from politicians. But places we need to be aware of as the Body of Christ… and seeking God’s comfort and strength in the lives of these brothers and sisters.

Lord, hear our prayer.