Key relationships and multiplication

I’ve thought about, taught about, and written a bit on key relationships. I have thought about key influencers in my own life.

The key to multiplication and significance is found in relationships. Who am I learning from? Who I am pouring into?

Who are my spiritual fathers and mothers? I have two lists going currently. I have a list of those who have been foundational to my life and ministry. They may not be around any longer, but they formed me early on. Then, there are those who are influencing me now.

Who am I spiritual father to? Who do I give my time to? What am I imparting to them?

We need intentional relationships to develop significant lives. Learn from one another. Pour into others. Let it be multiplied over time.

Spiritual Father

I relish every time I get together with my spiritual father. He has mentored me all through ministry, beginning in college. When we sit over coffee these days it is some of the most precious time I could ever spend with someone else.

Today it was about the presence of Jesus. It was about Jesus giving himself, finding a way to always be with people in significant ways.

Years of ministry and we don’t talk about techniques or practices. We talk about the presence of Jesus and how to manifest that on a daily basis in the most basic ways.

Earlier this week at a funeral for another saint, the testimony was similar. When people were around this dear saint, the conversation was Jesus. There weren’t any other hobbies. No other interests. It was loving Jesus.

Lord, help my own conversation refresh others in the same way over time.

You are a model

And so am I.

Isn’t that good news? When do I get my photo shoot?

While we may not have “model looks,” we do have a higher calling. Our high calling isn’t about making the cover of a magazine. Our high calling is to live out the Kingdom in front of others so they can see the beauty of Christ.

Put your life on the line. Be a model.

17 Brothers and sisters, become imitators of me and watch those who live this way—you can use us as models. (Phil 3:17, CEB)