Mentors, Coaches, and Apprentices

Being a “life coach” is a somewhat recent trend. The terminology has been around for some time. The reason I use Mentor/Apprentice is the image.

The image of a “life coach” isn’t mentoring. It’s a consultant. It’s telling someone else what to do. Maybe you’ve done it… maybe you haven’t. But, it seems to be the solution in the “player’s” life for that moment.

Coaching is done from the sidelines. If you want to be on the team, the coach yells something and you go do it. Don’t do it, find another team. Or find another coach.

Mentoring is done from the middle of the game. It is the one who has gone through the battle walking that road again and saying to the apprentice, “Now, walk THIS way.”

A coach points and says, “Head that way.”

A mentor calls back and says, “Come after me.”

Jesus isn’t my “coach.” He isn’t yelling at me from the sidelines. He is in the middle of the field calling, “Get out here and let’s run this thing together.”