Sheep and Goats

Tackling the parable of the sheep and the goats hasn’t been easy. I still don’t have this one working very well in my mind. Yet, when I think of this passage with “the least of these” being Jesus’ disciples (the Sent Ones), I reflect on those who have gone before. I think of those who have laid down their lives for the gospel of Jesus Christ and one day those who put them to death will stand before the King of Kings and given an accounting for what they did to “the least of these.”

For Graham Staines and his two little boys, martyred in India in 1999. For Mehdi Dibaj and Bishop Haik, martyred in Iran in the early 1990s, I want to honor their memory. I want to reflect on what it means to live all out for my King, even in the midst of the comfort of America.


An Honest Question to Universalists

I ask this honestly of those Christians who are universalists in their theology: What do you do with Matthew 24 and 25? There seems to be a separation of some sort and the Lord is the One doing it.

Please follow this simple rule: Don’t answer FOR universalists. If you ARE a universalist, could you help with how you would exegete these texts?

Just asking… honestly!