Personal rights and egos

In a COLLEGE basketball game last night, Oklahoma State powerhouse Marcus Smart when after a fan. I thought it was a NBA story at first.

Smart is a great player. It’s a frustrating time because Oklahoma State is in a losing streak at the wrong time. (For the record, I’m okay with that, since I’m a Jayhawks fan.) Emotions were high as was the frustration of the game slipping away and they faced a fourth straight lost in a tough league. It takes nothing away from Smart as a player. He’s still great. He’s going to be a good NBA player in all likelihood.

But, he was wrong to go after the fan. The situation was too hot and it’s hard to maintain control, but when you have cameras all around, AND you’re in a hostile arena… somehow you have to call on that inner reserve to hold it back.

But that fan… is… an idiot.

Smart will get suspended. That fan should be banned from the arena. Refund his money if he’s a season ticket holder. Do NOT let him buy another ticket to your games until HE goes through anger management courses.

What clashed that night is what clashes all the time: egos.

Smart was frustrated with the situation and something was said or done that was offensive to him and he took the wrong path at that moment. Yet, that fan was obviously exercising his tremendous ego as well. He could have felt he had the right to heckle since he had paid that “big money” to be in that seat.

For basketball, I see it more and more. I hate NBA games, but when I see a game clip on TV and see how close they dare to put the fans to the sidelines, and then see how much they pay for those crazy seats, there is a sense of entitlement that can rise up in the fan. They paid for the right to be stupid.

As usual, when theĀ secondĀ person gives a retaliation, it’s the second person getting the foul, the flag, the heave ho, whatever. It’s never that first offender. In this case, it needs to be both.

We have gone too far with our personal rights and egos. We think because of our status as a player or our money as a fan we have a “right” to do something. We do not. We have other people to think about and we would be well served if we would be reminded of it from time to time.

As an example to fans to learn to calm down and not be idiots, that particular fan needs to be dealt a serious blow. Don’t just send a message to Smart and other players. Send a message to the fans.

Get a life.