It’s not a “harvest” problem, it’s a “worker” problem

When Jesus commissioned the 72 to go proclaim the Kingdom, he made an interesting observation. The harvest is huge. “It’s bigger than you can imagine.” His command isn’t to go “find” harvest. It’s to pray for more workers. This isn’t such a hard thing for believers in other countries to understand. In many countries where theirContinue reading “It’s not a “harvest” problem, it’s a “worker” problem”

The Calling of God and the Call of Distractions

Luke 10 tells three distinct stories, all of which combine for great reminders of ministry. Years ago I remember a minister talking about how he wanted to live in the spirit of Luke 10. The first story is the sending out of the 72. It’s about the call. Ministers called of God can relate. ThereContinue reading “The Calling of God and the Call of Distractions”