Lent: We must see our sickness

“The first step toward recovery is admitting you have a problem.” — Alcoholics Anonymous “Unless we see our symptoms and sickness, we do not seek a cure. The Lenten disciplines do not take too long to reveal something to us, and when they do we are supposed to rest in the knowledge of God’s loveContinue reading “Lent: We must see our sickness”

Lent Isn’t Just “Giving Up”

Growing up and not celebrating Lent I had the impression it was a time where Catholics gave up meat or sweets. They could live like the world every other time of the year, but for Lent they had to “give up” something. It was just about the “giving up.” The more I’ve grown in disciplinesContinue reading “Lent Isn’t Just “Giving Up””

Ash Wednesday — Psalm 32

This is a journey of examination. Psalm 32 starts the journey with tough questions.Without acknowledging sin in my own life I cannot move forward. The journey must begin with confession. The journey is one that is led of the Spirit. Our Scripture for Sunday focuses on Jesus being led by the Spirit into the wilderness.Continue reading “Ash Wednesday — Psalm 32”