Doing “enough”

We can fall into the disappointment of something not happening in life. Spiritually, it can be a real sinkhole. We were given the thought, or teaching, at some point that said, “Study the Scripture… enough. Pray… enough. Have faith… enough.” And the end result will be _________________ (fill in the blank).

And then… it doesn’t happen.

The games begin. “Did I pray enough?” “Did I believe enough?”

Where change happens is when we realize there is not “enough” in our lives. It’s not more formulas. It is the depths of knowing Christ. That takes effort, but the beauty is understanding that there isĀ never enough as far as effort. It is a lifelong journey that needs the grace of the Lord every day just to begin. And he gives us grace and power for this day.

It’s not about “doing enough” at the end of the day. It is about the journey of knowing him. Trusting him. Loving him.

And in him, we find more than enough.