Giving Thanks for John MacArthur

“Strange Fire” is over and it is clear that John MacArthur gives very little credence to anything Pentecostal, and he truly despises anything Charismatic. I’ve voiced my disappointment because it only divides the Body of Christ needlessly. I know MacArthur doesn’t it see it that way since he truly thinks most Charismatics aren’t even saved.Continue reading “Giving Thanks for John MacArthur”

I know where I want my mansion in heaven

Okay, okay. I am not talking literal mansion. But if there was one… please take my request. I want it next to John MacArthur’s mansion. He’ll have a big one. He’s become more righteous than us all. When I was first in ministry I soaked in MacArthur’s style of expository preaching. I knew he didn’t think tooContinue reading “I know where I want my mansion in heaven”

Barth and Church Authority

As I continue to wonder if I’m reading Barth correctly, I am struck by his trust of the Church. He is Reformed, so the authority of the Church is not as encompassing as the Catholic view. Still, he believes in the authority of the Church. Church authority is spiritual authority: in all its forms itContinue reading “Barth and Church Authority”

Thoughts About “Icons”

Recent blog activity has been caught up in a discussion over the Manhattan Declaration. This is a statement coming from Catholics, Orthodox, and Evangelicals concerning three major points about our current culture in America. The debate is over whether this is just some right wing political move or it’s legitimate. Some of the disagreement comesContinue reading “Thoughts About “Icons””