Grisham — The Racketeer

I know Grisham’s book has been out a month or more, but I finally got around to reading it. In many ways I feel like Grisham has his groove back. For several years he really didn’t have his stuff. I think he was cranking too many out and needed a break.

The Racketeer is good stuff. It twists and turns and in some ways seems like “Ocean’s Eleven” in some small way. Maybe “Matchstick Men.”

I’m glad Grisham seems to be getting back to being Grisham again. I’ve missed that.

Thank you, Mr. Grisham

I am a HUGE John Grisham fan. I got hooked with The Firm, and have stayed a fan for 20 plus years. The past few years have been disappointing. I personally think his publishing schedule needs to slow down. He’s big enough to tell his publisher to go take a hike and give him a couple of years on a novel rather than crank one out every year.

The past few books have drifted. It was like Grisham didn’t know what he wanted to write. The Broker and The Associate were absolute duds. So much so I didn’t even buy Ford County Stories when it came out. (Grisham is the only fiction author I buy in hardback, but I haven’t even bothered with paperback on his last one.)

The Confession is his latest and it is much more compelling to read. I picked it up after several Grisham fans said it really was different.

He tackles capital punishment in this one. There are twists and turns. He is typical Grisham in that he wraps it up too neatly, but that’s Grisham. He could have left a real cliff hanger by keeping the real killer on the loose, but Grisham doesn’t do books in series. He needed to resolve everything.

So, thank you, Mr. Grisham, for pulling out the good stuff once again.