Being bold in prophetic words

As I prepare teaching on 1 Cor. 12-14 in our series on the Holy Spirit, there is something that is on my mind and may sound quite rude. I am not trying to disrespect people, and especially the Holy Spirit, but this question just comes to my mind as I think of services where there have been messages in tongues and interpretation. (And I speak from PAST experience, not current.)

As a message in tongues would be given and the interpretation would come, I would sometimes be left with this question: “Is that all the Spirit is saying? We stopped the serviceĀ for that?”

It’s carnal, I know.

It’s a question that needs to be addressed because we can indeed fall into the Corinthian problem of just “showing off” our spirituality. The problem with just showing off our spirituality is that when it’s just us it WILL come across as quite shallow. The Spirit has far more to say to a church, and THE Church, than small platitudes that could be heard at any time in any service. Sometimes there are BOLD words to be spoken and the Spirit is ready to deliver… but we may not ready to receive.

Just a thought.