The profound joy of being IN the Word

I have mentioned the project I am on currently. The Lord has me working my way through Acts again, jotting notes on what I have learned in life and ministry and study over 30 years of this wonderful journey through the Bible. Acts has had such significance in my life in leading me in ministryContinue reading “The profound joy of being IN the Word”

Has the Word been pouring through me?

A few weeks ago in church I had a serious challenge drop into my heart from the Spirit. I was just entering the Book of Acts and the Gospel of John as part of my daily reading. I am using the daily reading from the Book of Common Prayer through this season. When I getContinue reading “Has the Word been pouring through me?”

Living in the FRESH word of God

Do you have particular passages of Scripture where you read them over and over, or come to them regularly on a reading schedule, and you are reminded of when God spoke to you in that passage? There are a few passages that are radically life-changing for me. They are passages where in that holy moment somethingContinue reading “Living in the FRESH word of God”

Why we carefully study the Word in the power of the Spirit

“If we want to receive from the Bible the life ‘with God’ that is portrayed in the Bible, we must be prepared to have our dearest and most fundamental assumptions about ourselves and our associations called into question. We must read humbly and in a constant attitude of repentance. Only in this way can we gain aContinue reading “Why we carefully study the Word in the power of the Spirit”

We should move from celebrating days to observing seasons

The other day I read a quick thought on missing opportunities of seasons in our lives as Western Christians because we celebrate days instead of walking through seasons. We get so worked up to prepare a church for Easter weekend services, most bigger church staffs on more than figuratively dead on Monday and in needContinue reading “We should move from celebrating days to observing seasons”