Thoughts on mourning and loss in the time of coronavirus

Grief shows up in many ways. One way it may tend to show up is anger or rage. Since that is not easily recognized as “grief” in our culture, we tend to combat the rage or anger instead of stepping back to ask a few more questions.

Grief over loss isn’t easily processed in our culture because we don’t have the time. Guess what? WE HAVE TIME. What are we doing with it?

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Thoughts on Prayer — Henri Nouwen

Praying means to stop expecting from God that same small-mindedness which you discover in yourself. To pray is to walk in the full light of God, and to say simply without holding back, “I am a man [or a woman] and you are God.” At that moment, conversion occurs, the restoration of the true relationship. Man is not the one who once in a while makes a mistake and God is not the one who now and then forgives. No, man is a sinner and God is love. (Henri Nouwen)

I am in constant need of being delivered from small-mindedness.

Irrelevant leadership

Henri Nouwen in his wonderful little book titled In the Name of Jesus: Reflections on Christian Leadership shows just how “out of touch” he was in his day. Irrelevant leadership? Puh-leeeaaze! 

The temptation is to be relevant. To show power, ability, or rightness.

“Words like right-wing, reactionary, conservative, liberal, and left wing are used to describe people’s opinions and many discussions then seem more like political battles for power than spiritual searches for the truth.” 


“Christian leaders cannot simply be persons who have well-informed opinions about the burning issues of our time. Their leadership must be rooted in the permanent, intimate relationship with the incarnate Word, Jesus, and they need to find there the source for their words, advice, and guidance.”


God, help us. God… help me.