Why I won’t be “packin'”

The article was this: “Pastor Shot in His Pulpit.” 

The discussion in a Facebook went to: “Maybe we need to carry when we go into our pulpits.”

You can pack. If it’s legal, I ain’t sayin’ nuthin’… especially if you’re packin’. cebook group of ministers centered around this thought: “Maybe we should be packin’ when we head to our pulpits these days.”

And I know fully I won’t change any minds.

But here goes: I won’t be packin’ heat.

You want to pack? Go ahead. You have a Constitutional right. Just quit trying to shove that on me. One mention even quoted Luke 22:36, when Jesus tells the disciples to sell a cloak and buy a sword. (They didn’t quite make it down a couple of more verses when the disciples mentioned they had 2 swords among them and Jesus said that was enough.)

I’m just not going to pack. Here’s why: At some point I think as Christians we have to quit responding to the actions of the world with reactions the world expects.

There is an amazing story of Corrie ten Boom when she forgives a Nazi guard who abused her sister. There is also the story of the Amish community that forgave the man who killed their children, and even took up an offering for the shooter’s widow and family.

I happen to think at some point we have to consider some other alternatives from time to time.

You don’t have to agree. You don’t have to give up your weapon.

But for me, I’m just not packin’. 
 quit packin’, and I’m not advocating that. I’m simply saying I think there has to be a time when we may not want to meet anger with anger, violence with violence, etc., and consider the Kingdom may have another way for us. Again, it doesn’t even have to be all the time.

Abortion, Gun Rights, and Zealousness

This article has as its title that abortion rights “has become” the NRA of the left. I think it’s been that way for a very long time.

The issue with Kermit Gosnell is despicable and the silence from any part of any Christian community other than “pro lifers” has been appalling.

We have a rabid allegiance on the left to abortion rights and on the right to “gun rights.” Both have a “take no prisoners” mentality that is beyond disappointing. It is disgusting.

There. Said it.

Blast away.