What is “Good News?”

Reading in an Acts commentary by N.T. Wright, I am summarizing some of his thoughts on what it means to have “good news” come to us. Good news isn’t about getting in touch with your inner spiritual self. It’s not about committing yourself to a life of prayer, worship, and good works. It’s not evenContinue reading “What is “Good News?””

The Journey to Obedience

I commented the other day about the move from success to significance to obedience and how there aren’t many leadership books on “obedience.” While that is true, and it’s probably true because generally we only want to read about “successful” people, I think there are some great examples. The problem is obedience has such aContinue reading “The Journey to Obedience”

Jesus Invites Change… Without Asking

Making my way through the Gospel of Luke this week, and reflecting on other passages in other gospels, I find something interesting. In Luke 19 Zacchaeus is a tax collector wanting to see Jesus. He pays to get the skybox view (which are the better seats at a baseball field, I’m told) and looks forContinue reading “Jesus Invites Change… Without Asking”