I grew up conservative and Republican. There is no getting around it. This is not a confession about how I am now a flaming liberal Democrat. I’m not Jim Wallis.

Over time I’ve become more convinced of the church’s need to take a prophetic stance in culture so that we cannot be defined by any political party. (Which is again why I’m not Jim Wallis.)

As a conservative and still very politically geared, I am disappointed with this new “pledge” from Republicans. There is one point where they are attempting to regain their footing with the old coalition of conservative Christians. They pledge to strengthen marriage, define it as one man and one woman, etc.

To which I say, “Sorry… you guys couldn’t do it when you had both houses of Congress AND the White House.” I’m just not believing the song and dance any more, fellas.

The document is full of what they’ll repeal. It is far short on answers. They have admitted in this document that they really are, basically, the party of “NO.”

Democrats don’t have the upper hand on this, either. They squandered perfect opportunities to make their move when that was the prevailing wind after the 2008 election. (I must say, I’m glad they did NOT prevail in some of those things.)

So, while I still have a genetic disposition to politics, the Republicans have made me a man without a party. We’ve become a nation of political whiplash, and I’m not sure when we’ll wake up and make them stop the ride.