The serious problem of the “good” Samaritan

  The parable of the Samaritan in Luke 10 isn’t about figuring out who is “qualified” to help. It is about a radical love for God and others that is so deep, the first inclination is to help. It’s risky. It’s dangerous. It puts us in hard situations. And through all of it we find theContinue reading “The serious problem of the “good” Samaritan”

Principles for “loving the neighbor”

The second part of basic discipleship I will be dealing with at my church today is loving the neighbor. I am preaching a series through Luke 10-11 on four basic principles of discipleship. This week is about the parable of the Good Samaritan. There are three basic principles (and I think they are adapted inContinue reading “Principles for “loving the neighbor””

The Calling of God and the Call of Distractions

Luke 10 tells three distinct stories, all of which combine for great reminders of ministry. Years ago I remember a minister talking about how he wanted to live in the spirit of Luke 10. The first story is the sending out of the 72. It’s about the call. Ministers called of God can relate. ThereContinue reading “The Calling of God and the Call of Distractions”