Pay Attention and Don’t Drift Away

In all our hand-wringing over the demise of (insert here alternately “liberal” or “conservative”) Christianity, what should be remembered is that while we’re busy yelling at each other, we might be forgetting to listen.  This is why it’s necessary for us to pay more attention to what we have heard, or else we may drift awayContinue reading “Pay Attention and Don’t Drift Away”

Sexual Sin and Our Response

This is a great post by George P Wood. It’s worth discussing. In my experience, modern Christians tend toward the extremes of intolerance and tolerance. On the one hand, some Christians elevate sexual sins above other sins. On the other hand, other Christians turn a blind eye toward porneia, except when it involves child sexualContinue reading “Sexual Sin and Our Response”

Social Justice — A Reprise

This is just to irk Glenn Beck again. Just kidding. George P Wood has opened up a thread on just what IS social justice? I invite you to take a visit and post your thoughts. Again, I will not allow Glenn Beck’s narrow view define social justice. Nor will I allow a Mormon to dictateContinue reading “Social Justice — A Reprise”