The Monster We Have Created

An interesting article on high school students wanting to get into colleges where they have been waitlisted. We really have created a generation where kids think they DO deserve everything, and are shocked, SHOCKED, when they get rejected or waitlisted. Plus, there are some parents who are shocked, SHOCKED! as well and pester the admissionsContinue reading “The Monster We Have Created”

The Obsession With Our Children’s Happiness

This article by Lori Gottlieb is a fascinating read, especially as a parent with kids coming into this time of life. The big question the author dealt with as a therapist was this: “Is it possible we’ve done too much as parents?” Have we so doted on them and lifted them up and given them soContinue reading “The Obsession With Our Children’s Happiness”

Hard Work and Determination

I am reading a book with my church staff about the “Me Generation.”  It is a study, with some very funny sharp opinions, about our current generation. There are some very admirable things about this current generation. One thing I was admittedly surprised about was they seem to have high goals. The downside is theyContinue reading “Hard Work and Determination”