Rupert Murdoch — The New Evil Empire

The news came out that Thomas Nelson publishing was sold to Harper Collins which is owned by *GASP*, Rupert Murdoch.

Now, if you don’t know who Rupert Murdoch is, then you know how I feel when someone mentions Kim Kardashian or Nicole Ritchie.

But Murdoch actually does something.

He owns media outlets, like the “evil” FoxNews. (Or the savior of the world FoxNews, depending on your political leanings.)

There are just some things in life one can count on, and sure enough, Joel Watts came through for me! It didn’t take three seconds before his rant began. I love this guy! (Hint: he is NOT a Murdoch fan.)

Christian publishing hasn’t really been “Christian” for a long time. I sure would’t claim that Harper Collins is the bastion of conservatism that Murdoch seems to be. Maybe Murdoch is doing this so he balances out his liberal and conservative leaning portfolios. You know… fair and balanced…

The Narrow Gate Does NOT Mean Being “Narrow”

There are just certain things I can count on in the blogging world from the blogs I read regularly. I have ones I follow that will look for the negative in some particular source, then just bash away when they find it. Sometimes, it’s worth looking into.

Such is the case with Joel Watts, whose disgust with Fox News is well documented. He came through again on this story about Fox News ripping on Campus Crusade for changing their name.

Campus Crusade has indeed changed their name to Cru. That makes no sense as a name, but ministry names don’t need to make sense. Come on! Not even BUSINESS names need to make sense. (GOOGLE? Really?)

But the slant on the article is about Cru removing “Christ” from its name. The issue Cru brought up was removing CRUSADE from their name. The CRUSADE part of the name is simply outdated and a hindrance. It’s surprising it took them so long, quite frankly.

The uproar from certain segments is ridiculous. Taking “Christ” out of the name just MUST mean they are abandoning the gospel! Oh, HORRORS!

Some statements:

It is sad that an organization like Campus Crusade at least appears to have allowed themselves to be taken by the politically correct environment instead of acting counter culturally as Christ’s followers are called to do
“It may be that CCCI has good intentions behind the change, but on its face, this decision to drop ‘Christ’ seems like an attempt to hide or mask the core identity of the group.”
Read more:

Folks, settle down. Going through the narrow gate doesn’t mean BEING narrow!

Faith in the Public Square

Apparently Brit Hume stepped into a firestorm a week ago on a news show. He recommended that Tiger Woods actually consider Christianity. Since that time, Hume has apparently been vilified all over the media and blogososphere. This column pointed out some of the fallout, then raised the idea that maybe we should, indeed, talk about faith.

One of the main points of the Manhattan Declaration was to point out that faith has a place in the public arena. The Manhattan Declaration was controversial in itself because, horror of horrors, Catholics and Orthodox signed on! What fellowship hath light with darkness? (Or so was the mantra from some very conservative Christian leaders.)

This episode with Brit Hume points out the glaring need for that third point in the Manhattan Declaration. Faith has a place in the public arena. We allow other opinions there, sometimes by default. Why not just be open about it? Faith informs our decisions in many cases. (Case in point, it’s becoming more and more a matter of “faith” to believe in the global warming gospel.)

In the case of Christianity, I am not afraid to allow the discussion to take place. It can be vilified. It can be debated and people can try to debunk it. But you put Jesus up against all other sources of “gods” and Jesus is magnificent. This is why I am apprenticed to him.