Regaining Pastors as Theologians

The First Things article I referred to in my last post continues to challenge me. I may not have the role of a “wider theologian”, but I feel I must be the best theologian possible for my congregation. I don’t want to live in the realm of pragmatics or just practics. Yet, pastoral theology hasContinue reading “Regaining Pastors as Theologians”

Do We Understand the Times?

I just finished my first Stanley Hauerwas article. I have heard his name for quite awhile but had never ventured into any of his writings. I finally linked to one and read it. Normally when I read such intelligent pieces having a dictionary by my side is helpful. Even that didn’t help. I understood theContinue reading “Do We Understand the Times?”

Learning from the Pentecostal Monks

I am lecturing on my favorite subject: Pentecostal monks. One monk who has been influential in my life has been Evagrius Ponticus. In preparing my lectures, I came across this thought from R.R. Reno in “Fighting the Noon Day Devil”: There are no intellectual solutions to spiritual problems. Acedia is fought with spiritual discipline. WeContinue reading “Learning from the Pentecostal Monks”