When the large needs to learn from the small

In the church context, that’s another conversation. And, let’s be honest, probably one that won’t be had in the near future. But there IS a context it SHOULD happen… and SOON. There are two situations linked in a way I think it’s time to say, “The large could learn from the small.” One article postedContinue reading “When the large needs to learn from the small”

Yet another reason why I love my city

This story is an interview our police chief, Scott Nadeau, did on MPR yesterday. With all the trouble in Ferguson, MO, and the bad rap police take in general in the media, Scott is a leader who gets it right. It is a joy to work with this leader! Please take the time to listenContinue reading “Yet another reason why I love my city”

Why do we fear relationships?

The issues of race, ethnic divides, immigration concerns, are such hot button issues.  Immediately following the events of 9/11, I immediately contacted my Muslim friends to make sure they were okay. I wanted them to know I wasn’t angry with them and I wanted, above all, to make sure no one else was taking anythingContinue reading “Why do we fear relationships?”