The Feast of the Conversion of Paul

Today is remembered in much of the Church as the “conversion of Paul.” I am working my way through N.T. Wright’s great work, Paul: A Biography. Wright rekindles my love for Paul and his work. Paul was one who caught the vision of a truly new social reality and then worked like crazy to communicateContinue reading “The Feast of the Conversion of Paul”

Feast of Transfiguration

O God, who on the holy mount revealed to chosen witnesses your well-beloved Son, wonderfully transfigured, in raiment white and glistening: Mercifully grant that we, being delivered from the disquietude of this world, may by faith behold the King in his beauty; who with you and the Holy Spirit lives and reigns, one God, forContinue reading “Feast of Transfiguration”

The Feast of St Nicholas

ETERNAL GOD,in your great loveyou gave your servant NICHOLASa perpetual name for deeds of kindness on land and sea.Grant that your Church may never cease to workfor the happiness of children,the safety of sailors,the relief of the poorand the help of those who are tossedby tempests of doubt or grief;through JESUS CHRIST our LORD,who livesContinue reading “The Feast of St Nicholas”